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In this section we will cover some interesting aspect of our current research work and developing solutions for our customers to overcome general issues causing problems in frequent cases.

The gap in planning between business and IT

Typical symptoms are:

  1. Inability of IT leadership to clearly articulate how technology will enable the business value proposition, the business model and the business priorities and growth.
  2. IT organizations and leaders who have no visibility into, and an understanding of, business priorities covering short-, medium- and long-term development
  3. A traditional "demand and supply" relationship between business and IT, with business plans created in isolation from IT and IT planning executed primarily without business influence.


Business and IT Capability Analysis Help to Close This Gap

The Solution and Answer:

  • Develop, synchronize and focus on the own Capabilities
  • Connect these Capabilities for a seamless interaction
  • Assign and manifest the interactive area of core competences internally and externally
  • Use dynamic service provision to optimize cost level and implementation speed

Press Release:

  • Further details about our initiatives, success projects and new solution modules are available and will be published upon request!
  • 2021/2022: Aquisition and execution of small projects and consulting orders
  • May 2019: Further details for the topic "Dynamic IT Provisioning" integrated into our concept.
  • Update September 2018: New counseling concepts under development: "DIGITAL CIO / IT ORGANIZATION" and "BENCHMARKING BEST PRACTISE"
  • January 2017: The concept of CAPABILITIES for Business and IT further extended and ready for project implementation
  • September 2016: Customer success projects completed and added value delivered
  • Core elements of Counseling Concept published
  • Web site launched with first information
  • Foundation of Business & IT Counseling (BITC) successfully executed