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The Impact of the Key Forces on future Business & IT Alignment

key forces

Core Topics for Business & IT Counseling

In order to support the customers development regarding internal and external evolution driven by the market and the technology development, we introduce in a methodological way the holistic and integral migration of services, organizations and business segments. Key components cover and enable the end-to-end transformation of people, processes and organizations:

  1. Strengthening the Business & IT Capabilities through a structural approach and analysis
  2. Transforming the IT elements with a holistic approach comprising of:
    • Plan the future
    • Govern at the appropriate level
    • Change the way of working - Define the core change areas
    • Act & Execute according to priorities
  3. Invigorating mature and proven capabilities & develop and grow latent capabilities
  4. Developing and targeting  'Future Operating Models' for IT will lead to optimal support of the business performance and lay the foundation for an emerging structure.


Key information

  • Each element in the holistic model contains its own approach and can be adapted to the customers needs
  • All indicated elements are essential to achieve the optimized proximity to the business
  • Every element must be analyzed and - eventually - modified to the individual requirements
  • The combination of these elements - depending on the maturity of the current customers organization - guarantee the transformation into the optimal future alignment